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High and Dry: Where the Desert Meets Rock 'n' Roll
High and Dry the Movie
.About HIGH and DRY


..High and Dry is a documentary profiling the history of Tucson, Arizona's eclectic music scene.

The past two decades have seen a number of singular talents emerge from Tucson, including Giant Sand's Howe Gelb, who has been called "the godfather of the alt-country movement," seminal blues slide-guitarist Rainer Ptacek, and original cow punk Al Perry. The city has also spawned more popular acts including Calexico, the Supersuckers and Machines of Loving Grace. Some of these bands reached the big time but self-destructed under the pressure of a music career they just weren't ready for, while others still make a successful living from their music, without the support of a major label or the mainstream music industry. High and Dry tells these musicians' stories, while giving insight into the choices they made along the way.

Drawing upon rare archival material, as well as live performances and exclusive interviews with band members, the film provides a unique view of Tucson and its music scene. More than just a “who’s who” of Tucson music, High and Dry is a film about success and failure and what those terms really mean – in the music business, and in life..


Interview Pictures
Here are pictures of the folks we interviewed for the documentary, although some may not be in the final film, they are all apart of the Tucson music scene past or present and we thank them for the information, photos, flyers and videos that helped shape High and Dry.

Click here to download the postcard image for the film.

Mr. Twisty

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